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Ekocentrum in Gothenburg



The “Ekocentrum” in Gothenburg is an independant, non-profit NGO founded by four environmental organizations. Since 1993 Ekocentrum is self-financed by performing short courses and exhibiting products and systems &ndash promoting a sustainable society. The Ekocentrum concept is unique. In a recently eco-renovated building at the centre of Gothenburg, the centre  demonstrates solutions and  alternatives that are available for a sustainable society.

The short courses are mainly for small and medium sized private companies, for officials from municipalities and for strudents. Two thirds of the approx. 1000 visiting groups p.a. are from the industry or from local authoroties. One third of the groups are students from the university or from various levels below that. Children with an age below 13 years are seldom visiting Ekocentrum.

The exhibition, Sweden´s most comprehensive of it´s kind, has ten thematic halls, where a lot of the products and solutions are presented &ldquohands-on&rdquo. Daily the exhibition is used by one the three teachers at Ekocentrum in the very special educational concept that Ekocentrum has developped, using the physical examples of the exhibition as illustrations in the short courses.

As Ekocentrum is located very close to the Technical University of Chalmers there are close contacts also with the leading scientists in the environmental field.

Many visiting groups are now coming to Ekocentrum from Japan, China and elsewhere to be informed about the leading Swedish companies and strategies for a sustainable development.

For further information please visit the Ekocentrums website.